How To Make Your Own Brew At Home?

Enjoying a nice cup of coffee is a pleasure that is very easy to indulge in nowadays: either you can purchase some instant coffee that can be made by diluting it with water, or you can go to the nearest coffee shop for a nice cup of Espresso to start your day. While both options are quite viable, they come nowhere close to having to make your own coffee. While it can be a tedious process in itself, you will definitely feel a lot more satisfied when you manage to master it and drink the coffee you made with your own hands.

Unlike when shopping for commercial espresso machines, doing the whole process manually require a bit more attention when selecting your ingredients, as well as during the coffee brewing process itself. As you might have already acknowledged, you need to know the most important facts about coffee making before actually getting started, or else there is a high probability that your first few attempts will result in utter failures. To avoid this, try to follow the following tips and tricks to at least make something that is worth drinking:

Select Whole Beans – The main aspect that is going to make or break the coffee you are going to make is the quality of the beans you choose. Whenever shopping for beans, always go for whole ones. Pre-ground beans tend to quickly lose their aroma and overall taste, which is going to directly affect the coffee itself. They will also quickly dry out, which means that storing them can also prove to be difficult.

Either Airtight or Fresh Coffee – Airtight bags can easily store coffee beans in their original state for long periods of time, without them drying out and getting oxidised. On the other hand, if you are somehow unable to get hold of coffee beans sealed in airtight bags, always go for beans that were roasted within the last two weeks. This period of time is short enough to ensure that the coffee beans still retain their freshness.

Look out the Origin of the Beans – Choosing between the different varieties of coffee beans out there is similar to choosing between different quality equipment: you can buy pretty much anything you like and that has caught your attention. Nevertheless, try to stay away from any beans that cannot be traced back to a specific origin. If the seller only mentions a country, try to ask him or her the exact area or region where the beans have been grown.

Try Out Different Shops – Just because you only have one local coffee shop nearby your area doesn’t mean that you have to stick to this place only. Travel a bit, and search for other shops, comparing them to see which one has the best quality coffee at affordable prices.