Decorating Is Fun In Every Way

Growing up as children, we all dreamt of having our own rooms, our own space where we could be ourselves without having anyone to watch over us, not forgetting the privacy you never have when you have to share with your sibling. Having your own room meant you had somewhere to come back to after a long and tiring day, somewhere you’d storm off to whenever you got mad at your parents; something you can’t do if you had to go back to your room with your brother or sister. Your own room also meant you could actually cry and howl in peace because you can’t bottle it up inside for any longer. Another major point being you could decorate it according to how you liked it, put up your one of a kind posters and paint it your favourite colour, design everything so that it all fit your personality, who you are as an individual. Basically, we put a lot of thought into it, and look for ways to persuade our parents into giving in.

They may take some time to decide but hopefully they’ll agree.Not all of us are privileged enough to have our own room to ourselves, as there are millions of children all over the world who are homeless, and just having a roof over their heads is all they ask for. These children have the sort of lifestyle we wouldn’t survive in for a couple of hours, yet they go on with it and we don’t really hear them complaining about it. This is why we need to appreciate what we’ve been given with and make use of what we’ve got, not complain and want what someone else has. We need to be grateful that we have our parents who are there for us no matter what, who provide us with whatever we ask for. There are some children who have their parents leave for the day, but are never sure if they’ll make it back, until they see for themselves and that’s really sad.

On the other side of the world, there are posh rich kids who only think about redecorating their own rooms with custom printed rolls and clean sheets for their bed daily.Most of these rich kids barely acknowledge what’s going on around the world. They can only think about printer poster rolls.It’s completely ridiculous when you see how these types of people behave, as it’s extremely embarrassing and it shows how they were brought up very clearly.